About Us

Swasthyer Britte is a bimonthly Bengali magazine on Health and Disease. It is run primarily by a group of doctors, aided by health workers, and responsible citizens working for better health. 

Swasthyer Britte wants to offer scientific information to the people, while learning from their experience. Its aim is to inform the readers how they can choose scientific way to health.

We at Swasthyer Britte believe that commercial interest should never bias the information we share with our readers. Some ‘Health Magazines’ are littered with ‘Paid Articles’ that camouflage as science. But in fact they surreptitiously advance the interests of the nursing homes, private hospitals, drug industries, and business-minded doctors. We are steadfastly against such practice.

Along with diseases and their treatment, the magazine feels it necessary to talk about the social and economic problems that are directly connected with our health.

Swasthyer Britte does not believe in offering an ‘easy solution’ for each and every disease, served in a platter, by the magazine. It insists on scientific understanding of the disease and its management, so that the reader can take informed decisions about her healthcare, and can interact with her care-providers, e.g., doctors, in a responsible and mutually beneficial manner.

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